Welcome to Best Paw Forward! My name is Mary Doyle and I am a qualified Canine Behaviour Training Technician.


I have always loved the idea of working with animals, particularly dogs.  From a young age I was always bringing something or other home whether a stray cat or an injured hedgehog.  I knew all the dogs in my neighbourhood by name! A few years ago, I decided to look into studying canine training on a serious level.  Having started off with a  basic certificate simply to gain knowledge and insight, I then progressed to getting an officially recognised and accredited dog training qulaification. I continue to study this field as I feel you can never learn enough and I need to keep up to date!  I’m also a dog owner, and I understand the many benefits, but also the difficulties & frustrations that owners can come across when we invite dogs into our lives. In a past life, I obtained my Higher Diploma in Education and I enjoy working with people as much as pets. This qualification enables me to teach the pet dog owner as much as the dog training qualification allows me to correctly work with the dog.




I am a fully qualified Canine Behaviour and Training Technician.  (See logo below for full details of this course, qualification and accreditation.) As a CBTT, I am bound by a code of practice which was created in accordance with the following mission statement:  Canine Behaviour & Training Technicians will practice to promote welfare friendly interactions with all animals. A qualified CBTT will provide services that nurture the human-canine relationship and promote professionalism, respect and knowledge within the canine training and behaviour industries.



Professional Qualifications

  • Canine Behaviour Training Technician -  AniEd (OCN Accredited). 2014

  • Train the Dog Trainer – Fetac Level – Dog Training Ireland. 2012

  • Certified Canine First Responder (First Aid Training). 2015

  • Certificate in Dog Emotion & Cognition (Duke University, North Carolina). 2015

  • Certificate in Dog Behaviour and Psychology (JD Campus, London). 2016

  • Certificate in Puppy Training (JD Campus, London). 2016

  • Certificate in Pet Adoption (Holly & Hugo, accredited by ICOES) 2016

  • Certificate in Veterinary Assistance (JD Campus, London).  2017




I carry both public liability and professional indemnity insurance. I have been Garda vetted so you can be sure you and your pet are in safe hands.




Aside from private one to one sessions, I continue to (and have for the past 5

years), work with Munster Lost & Found to assess, train, walk, cuddle(!), reunite

and re-home dogs. I spent a year and a half volunteering every Tuesday delivering

puppy classes at Hop Island, Cork, on behalf of Irish Search Dogs. I have my

own dog Piper, who is a young rescue collie/lab/boxer cross and I continue to

work with and train my own dog and those of my friends!



Seminars & Workshops

I  regularly attend dog training related workshops and seminars to keep up to date with current methods & scientific research.

  • "Click to Calm: Healing the Reactive/Aggressive Dog" and "How To Teach a Reactive Dog Class" with Emma Parsons KPA CTP, APDT, CDBC.  2 Day Seminar, October 2016

  • Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation with Steve Mann, Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. August 2015.

  • Full day seminar “What Makes Your Dog Tick” presented by Professor Ray Coppinger. June 2015

  • Fun and Inspiring Training - Nando Brown 2014

  • CPDT-KA Living and Learning with Animals with Dr. Susan Friedman Ph.D. 2014

  • Life Skills for Puppies – Helen Zulch.  2014

  • Continuous workshops: Canine Self-Control / Resource Guarding / Canine Aggression / Canine Emotionality / Client Issues/ Loose-lead Walking/Recall/ Puppies – AniEd.  2014 & 2015

Best Paw Forward

© 2015 by Mary Doyle.

Dog Training Cork


Location: Cork City & Environs, Cork


Email: info@bestpawforward.ie


Telephone: 083 8437503

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