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                                                                  Terms & Conditions


1. The advice offered by Best Paw Forward is based on the behaviour that we observe during training sessions conducted in your home; we hold full public liability insurance to cover these training sessions.  Our approach is to understand the underlying causes for your dog’s behaviour and to provide you, the owner, with guidance on how best to care for and train your pet.  Because we cannot supervise how this care and training is subsequently delivered, Best Paw Forward cannot assume liability for subsequent claims, including claims from third parties, arising from the actions of the subject animal while under your care.  By retaining the services of Best Paw Forward, you agree to indemnify Best Paw Forward, its servant and agents against any such claims.


2. The professional advice provided by Best Paw Forward is tailored specifically for your circumstances and situation.  By not conforming to the advice provided you may be putting your safety and that of your family and the general public at risk. During training sessions, please follow all safety instructions provided by the Best Paw Forward representative.


3. If the Best Paw Forward representative determines at any time that the animal is unwell, the representative may advise that the animal be referred to a veterinary surgeon.  The owner is liable for all associated costs.  The representative reserves the right, as a certified canine first responder, to administer basic first aid, as appropriate, before attending at the veterinary surgeon.


4. A €20 cancellation charge will apply to any training sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

5. By retaining the services of Best Paw Forward, you agree to the above terms and conditions.

Best Paw Forward

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