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  1. Private One to One Training

  2. Behaviour Issues: Fear/Aggression/Separation Anxiety.

  3. Bringing a New Puppy Home

  4. Bringing home a new baby to an existing dog.

 1. Private One to One Training

My private training sessions are for owners who want to work on pet dog obedience exercises from basic to advanced and essential life skills.  The session takes place in your home (or a suitable outdoor location) and we can cover exercises / topics such as:


  • Walking nicely on the lead

  • Coming back when called

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Down

  • Self Control

  • Learning not to jump on people

  • Learning how to settle and relax

  • Leave it

  • Crate training

  • Focus and paying attention to owner

  • Clicker Training

  • Preparing for a baby

  • Dogs & Children

  • Enrichment & keeping your dog occupied and mentally stimulated

  • Managing a multi-dog household

  • Progression of exercises and working around distractions


How It Works:

During the first session, I will sit down with you and take a full detailed history along with details of your specific requirments. I will observe your dog(s).  This will take approx. 90mins.   A training plan will be devised and I will go through this with you and we will work together to implement this.   Follow up sessions will see what progress has been made; add to the training plan and guide you through new elements.  Along with the home visit, a follow-up email with the details of the training will be sent to you after each training session.


2. Bringing a New Puppy Home

Have you decided to get a new puppy? Would you like some assistance and guidance to really get off on the best paw? Having a good foundation from the start can help settle the dog in so much better and avoid some possible problems later on.  I can provide you with four 1 hour sessions covering the basics such as dealing with mouthing; jumping up; recall; helping the puppy to cope with being left along at times; etc. (This can be tailored to you specific circumstances and needs).  This is done over 4 one hour long sessions and follow up notes are provided to assist you in continuing the good foundations you have established.


Dog Training Cork


Location: Cork City & Environs, Cork




Telephone: 083 8437503


Best Paw Forward

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