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Poppy and Betty (before)

We have two rescue dogs, Betty and Poppy. Poppy is a foreign street dog who was we rescued when living abroad. A very anxious dog, she can be difficult with other dogs and people.  We tried to introduce the dogs last year in early 2020 and one of them was still very anxious and growling and barking at the other dog.  We found Mary and she watched videos of Poppy to help us to understand some of the behaviours, gave us advice on how to set up our home for the introductions, and came to our house and showed me very practical ways to understand, help and introduce them, until they slowly felt comfortable with each other.  She was always patient and understanding with me and the dogs and available when I had any questions afterwards.


They are the best of buddies now and wouldn't be apart and Poppy's anxiety has reduced

dramatically and although she can still be anxious around strangers, but even that has

improved massively.  With 'help and support I can honestly say we now have two happy

dogs and our family has gained so much as a result and i would fully recommend Mary

to anyone who needs help with their dogs (Jackie O'Brien)


Poppy and Betty (2020)

Poppy and Betty (After)

Annie picture.jpg

Annie (2018)

We felt quite overwhelmed when we first got our new puppy Annie. We looked online for trainers and found this great site. I emailed Mary about the puppy package and got a quick response saying she would be more than happy to help.   As soon as Mary arrived we felt reassured. She helped us with so many things including toilet training, separation anxiety, lead walking and recall as well as many great tricks such as sit and touch.
We haven’t had a puppy in many years so we felt out of practice with puppy training and now Annie is the best house trained pup around! We are so confident with her. Mary is a fantastic teacher and everything was so stress free and easy. Would highly recommend! Thanks for all the help Mary! (Lucy Twomey)

Bob (2017)

As new puppy owners we wanted to do everything possible to make Bob as comfortable and welcome as possible in his new home. We needed puppy training as much as Bob did and Mary did not disappoint. Mary was simply fantastic in understanding our needs as well as Bobs and worked with myself, my wife and Bob to make training interesting and fun. We learned so much in each of the training sessions and Mary was willing to answer any and all questions, even the stupid one's to help us discover Bob's needs.  The progress of Bob under Marys supervision was amazing and by the fourth session Bob was a different dog, 90% house trained, free walking on the lead, recognising his name, 90% recall, traveling in car, sitting on command and also sit and stay was perfect. It's like Mary taught us a how to speak dog and Bob now speaks English so we can understand what we all want.  Each session was followed up with a documented email with all of the training points so you cannot forget anything and have all your details in black and white so nothing is left to chance. We cannot talk highly enough about Mary and would urge you to seek out Mary for any and all of you dog's needs, you will not be disappointed. (Adrian & Gillian O'Leary)

Percy (2016)

I just wanted to thank Mary for all her helpful advice.  She was great.  Mary was recommended to us by the fantastic people from Munster Lost & Found Pet Helpline, as she does a lot of great work with their pets on a voluntary basis.  Our dog Percy was one of them.  Percy recognised Mary when she came to visit our home & was full of kisses and waggy tails especially for her.  She was full of encouragement with my 2 kids in showing them some games they can play with Percy to keep him mentally stimulated, especially for days when you can‘t get out much.  (As I’m learning now mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise!).  My kids loved her.  She was a mine of information, from cheap homemade toys to recipes.  But luckily she sent me all this info in a very detailed email which I can refer back to, if I can’t remember.  Thank you very much Mary it was great having you out & keep up you fabulous work. Adrienne, Luke, Caoimhe & Percy woof woof!! (Adrienne Doody-Hayden)

Mr. Magoo (2016)

We have three dogs, one of which is a blind German Shepherd rescue dog. We were having a lot of problems with the shepherd, in particular with mouthing and overexcitability. Mary came one Saturday afternoon and spent time observing how all three dogs interacted with each other and how we interacted with the German Shepherd. It was especially difficult bringing him for a walk and I was feeling very discouraged. Mary gave us fantastic advice and methods of training for the dogs and there has been a remarkable improvement in Mr Magoo (the German Shepherd) since. We cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone having difficulty with a dog. Thanks again Mary (Sandra Deasy)

Reggie & Zoe (2015)

Hi my name is Shirley.  Last year I found myself un able to cope with my four dogs, a kind friend pointed me in Mary's direction and for that I am very thankful . I was unable to take my dogs for a walk as they had become too strong for me, they would jump up at me and try and get my pony tail! And knock everything in sight !.....then Mary called!I was shown how to take control of my dogs and shown how to get their trust and respect. All dogs now sit, give the paw, wait, leave their bowls alone until I say it's ok to eat. They all now understand that it's fun on the lead and better to be with me than trying to run off themselves. They now do not dart out the gate like they used to but instead follow the car in and wait for a little treat or a cuddle.  All my dogs are rescues with different little quirks which Mary worked with she also advised me on the correct lead and harness for the strong ones.  I am delighted with the results Mary got from just a few short sessions with me and my gang and think she has a great love of animals and understanding. I now take my dogs out usually two at a time without a worry, or, most importantly, no pulling on the lead!! And we all get to enjoy our walks together. Thank you Mary so much. (Shirley Kelly)

Tommy & Sally (2014)

I have 5 dogs, my own little pack!!!  Mary came to do some training with 2 of them, they were pups and one very big dog and one very small dog!!!  They kinda had a mind of their own and wouldn't do what they were told at all!  Mary persisted with them and called to my own house to do the training which was so convenient.  They responded very well to her commands, and then she taught me how to do commands with them, which was great.  They are still as good as ever, and respond to these commands very well.  Thanks a mill Mary. (Rose O'Leary)

Frank & Roxy (2013)

Mary trained both our 'untrainable' mixed breed terriers to do many things,sit,stay,give,actually jump through hoops!,safely interact with babies in adults' company,but most importantly for us, to STAY outside the open back door unless invited in when we had our newborn. We loved to have the back door open for fresh air but invariably that meant that our two mad dogs took it as an open invite to wander in and out at their leisure. We wanted peace of mind that they wouldn't come in without us first taking the baby out of their way but never dreamed that there was another option beyond just keeping the door closed. Having been trained by Mary, our dogs are obedient and happy and always wait to be invited in. Two babies later and they never forgot their training. We would highly recommend Mary's expertise and training. (Elaine Murphy)

Rio (2012)

Mary is a super dog trainer. After a few hours Rio had learned to Sit & Lie-Down.  She also managed to get the worlds laziest Scottie to do a few tricks for me after only a session or two!   As you can see from the video Rio was quite the goer once he got the hang of it! Thanks Mary for your help. (Muiris Quinn)

Best Paw Forward

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